Maine Shovel! A Veteran Owned Maine Made Product!
Why Buy a Gemini from Maine Shovel?
• Handle is non breakable, made from aluminum conduit.
• It is strong, light and has perfect balance.
• Correct ergonomic design makes it easier on your shoulders,    arms and wrists which means less stress on the body.
• Perfect for snow, mulch, grain shavings, mud, and sawdust.
• Great product for older people and people with physical    disabilities (one of our customers is an 88 yr old woman).
• The scoop is detachable for easy storage!
• This is also a perfect product for search and rescue teams and    emergency response teams because of the ease of use!

Maine Shovel's Gemini handle has been endorsed by Tom Christianson, former director of Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Maine for its design.

Great Value: All of the handles can be attached to every shovel head available on the market today. So you don't have to throw your old shovels away, just replace the handle!

Snow shoveling: U.S. hospitals treat on average about 11,500 injuries and medical emergencies a year related to shoveling snow, according to a study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine
Ray Blanchard - Maine Shovel
"Because of back and shoulder injuries and the climate in Maine, I needed the best ergonomically correct shovel available. The problem was, there was non on the market. I decided to take matters into my own hands and design a shovel that would be not only be ergonomically correct but that did not break. After careful research and interviewing people to get feedback, I patented the Gemini Handle! I think the American public will be amazed at the results of using my product! No more back aches, ease of use and a product that is guaranteed not to break! I am very proud of the product that I designed and would like to thank Keith Dewitt and his son Aaron of DE Witt Machine & Fabrication in helping me make my dream come true." Ray Blanchard - Maine Shovel